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You can still watch the show if you haven't already seen it here.

Norway will take a huge role in a live 24-hour fishing show that will be broadcasted from 01:00 local time night to 23th of June 2018.

We will be traveling from New Zealand, through Asia, Europe and Alaska fishing - a total of 24 different countries will be represented.

BIG FISH ADVENTURE has the honor of starting it all, with the total of THREE HOURS of live broadcast from Sørøya. Here will Europe's most famous sports fisherman Matt Hayes fish with Dr. Hook aka. Geir Sivertzen and Bilal Saab from Big Fish Adventure, Sørøya.

Will they hook into one of the huge cod or halibut that dwell in the chilly waters of the island.

Sørøya, which is the place for more records and larger fish than anywhere els, has been chosen to represent Norway in the WFD for a global audience. This will be top entertainment and hopefully hook new people into the sport of recreational fishing as a activity, and give the world a chance to see why they should come to Norway and Sørøya.

Register to watch the free live broadcast here, www.fishingtv.com/register or on TV on Demand.

The show is organized by www.fishingtv.com, which has a very wide and excting offer on online fishing.

For more information about this exciting show, see www.WorldFishingDay.com.