The Osean is like a box of chocolateyou never know what you`ll get.

Summertime fishing in the arctic

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The best of Sørøya

In the summermonths July and August, our island will show itself from its very best side. The weather is at its best, the sea is often calm and we have long and light summer nights where the sun never goes below the horizon.

The ocean is generous in the summer and you can really broaden your arsenal of species. In july and august you can among others catch cod, wolffish, norwegian redfish, monkfish and tusk. In August the coalfish and the halibut will also come into shallower waters.

All together this gives you a great "box of chocolate" and you will never know what you`ll get. The summer gives you the best oppurtunity to get more species of fish into your very own collection.

If you should ever get tierd of fishing (yeah right),Sørøya also has a special and amazing arctic nature, and the summertime is a paradise for mountain hikes. Great walking country is just outside your doorstep.

The arctic summer and the great fishing at Sørøya should really be experienced once in a lifetime.

If you want to enjoy this beautiful period with us dont hesitate to contact us for a offer especially for you.