The Sørøya- patrioth, Aud has visited Sørøya several times the last 10 years, and today it was finally time to get a real skrei- adventure.

Aud shows mussle strenght!

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Aud from Hønefoss in Norway is an enthustiastic outdoors woman, and has been fishing at Sørøya earlyer on several occations, but this year she would really experience what Sørøya has to offer.

Early this morning she packed some food, some freshly boiled coffee and the fishingpole on board the boat. Aud and our fishingguide Johan were getting ready for whatever Sørøya had to offer for the day.

This day the great arctic ocean was generous.

"It was completely wild out there, the pilk never reached the bottom of the sea"

Aud tells us about a totally amazing fishing out at sea, where one fish was bigger than the other.

"on a single throw I had a cod of over 20 kilos on the end og the line with two smaller cods on the same line"

The fishingguide Johan sais that Aud in this throw landed fish of over 40 kilos all together. A real test of strenght for this rugged lady.

" I knew it was going to be great, but i never expected this"

After two hours of effective fishing the boat was as full and the mussles as sore that the only thing to do was to head ashore.

The impessing catch resaulted in 3 "big ones" of about 20 kilos. The biggest on impressing 22,1 kilos. A new personal record for the lady from Høneføss.