Last week Big Fish Adventure arraged our very first GIRL-TRIP together with Torunn Handeland at Sørøya, and boy did we have a blast!

Girl Fishing trip 2019

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Big Fish Adventures guides and the girls started the trip by going out at night for some fishing for several species, cod, coalfish and of course the magestic halibut.

We drove out to the fishing spot of the night, and we were off with a really good start! Minutes after arriving, 3 halibuts were landed, measuring 83, 100 & 141 centimeter. Very overwhelming having 3 nice halibuts within the first 15 minutes of fishing. Later that night the halibuts came conescutively the whole night, with a 153 centimer beauty as top fish, and 9 halibuts in total.

Some really nice cods joined the party as well, with 3 of them being over 20kg! Two lings came by as well, which turned into a really nice bonus that we didn't expect at all!

After getting home, sleeping for some hours and eating dinner the ladies wanted to go out to catch some coalfish so they could make fish cakes the next day, and so we did! We found a really nice spot not far from the camp where loads of coalies up to 5kg were hanging around. About one hour later, we headed in to clean the fish before a good night sleep!

The next day fish cakes was literally on the menu and the ladies made fish cakes the traditional North-Norwegian way. But before they started in the kitchen they went for a sigsteeing to see the rest of the Island! We had a lovely meal, and the cakes that were left were split on the participants for them to take home to their loved ones.

A new day had come and the halibuts were the target today! We had a longer trid planned, and started out from the camp around 9 o'clock. This day we had low preassure and wind from the north and the halibuts were pretty slow. Despite of grumpy halibuts and cold winds, we managed to land some nice halibuts and ended up with a really nice day anyway!

On the final fishing day, cod & coalfish were our targetspecies and we went out to a good spot about 30 minutes away. Finding the fish today turned out to be a lot more difficult than expected, but we managed to land some nice cod up to 15kg, with a really nice top fish. The needle stopped at 22kg. This cod had a specific genetic mutation, which makes the notes shortes and the top of their head "taller". The cods with these mutations are traditionally called "king cod" and normaly weigh no more than 10kg. Ours weighed 22kg, which is an absolute brute of a "king". The legend says that these fish supposedly gives you luck, so we'll see what this lucky woman catches in the future!

A wonderfull trip with exceptional company had come to an end and the Big Fish Adventure Girl-Trip 2019 is history!

Next years Girl trip is set to be held on the 29th of June until 5th of July 2020! Will we see you there with us?