Somtimes the fish comes to you in the most mysterious ways!

What a surprice!

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Calle, Peter and Majja from Sweeden visited us in june. 

They tell us that the fishing was good, and one of the days out at sea was quite special.

They went far our in the fringes of the arctic sea to search for the great cod. 

They started fishing, and they immediately started pulling up fish. 

The fishing luck was certainly present, end they limp up one after the other.

Suddently Calle said: "I have got one on the hook again". He tells us that this one felt big.

He reeled in the line, and to everybodys surprice, he had caught just a green line.

Calle and Peter grabbed each end of the line and started reeling in.

It took a while, and several meters of line was dragged aboard the boat.

After some minutes the end of the line started to be glimpsed beneath the surface.

On the end of the line there was a hook... and a cod on 22,5 kilos! 
What a catch! and what a story!

Safe back ashore, the three fellows used their afternoon trying to find the owner of the hook, without succseeding.

Calle assures us that if the owner contacts him, he will return the hook

... but the fish, he will keep!