This is the place for the SERIOUS deep sea fishermen! For those who are not satisfied with tiny fish, but want to wrestle the really big whopper.
You'll catch big fish all year with us!


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Sørøya is unique in a deep sea fishing context, the peak season lasts all year!

In March- April the artic cod comes to the fjords to spawn, and the sea practically boils. The artic climate offers winter storm so tough that you can see no longer then the top of your nose, as well as calm seas and clear skies. Although there may be a few days in port due to bad wather, you have a great change to catch the coveted trophy fish. This season is for the toughest of them all!

May, June and July offer the most stable fishing weather and lovely midnight sun. This means long, bright days and infinit time for fishing. The dream of the big cod draws most deep sea anglers here in the summer. In addition to chasing the big cod, summer can offer an intense combat with teh big coalfish, meeting the wolffish face to face, or for the toughest; the hunt for the large halibut.

The halibut is a mysterious fish of which the scientist know very little. Some wander, while other stay in a small area their whole life. The halibut population around Sørøya has grown during the past few years.

For many of our guest, the giant halibut of up to 100 kilos is the big deep sea anglers dream. Small halibuts up to 30-40 kilos is mainly found in shallower waters, and can be caught all season. The giant halibut, however, stays in deeper waters most of the year, but in late summer it moves to shallower water to feed.

If you are among those who dream of wrestling the giant halibut, August and September are good months to come. A duel with this giant is the ultimate test of manhood.

Regardless of when you may choose to come here, you will get unforgettable fishing experience and world class Northern Norwegian hospitality. Our competent guies and graxious hosts will always provide help and advice on equiotment, fishing grounds etc. We are happy to share our knowlegde and experience, and if you're lucky, you may even be let in on some secrets.

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Sørøya is the place for extreme fishing stories, of which most are actually true.

Big Fish Adventure - Hasvik Hotel and Housing is one of the oldest and most well-established providers of deep sea angling in Northern Norway. There is hardly a better place in the world for deep sea fishing than Sørøya. The scenery is rough, stunning and raw, the water is pure and we have abundance of fish. More fishing records have been set at Sørøya than anywhere else in the world.

The Sørøya climate can be rough, harsh and strenuous at times, but also incredible exiting. We are far North, next to the Barents Sea, with the fishing grounds right outside the window. The procimity to the Gulf Stream gives us ice-free ports, and despite the harsh climate, deep sea angling conditions are usally good.

The acritc landscape offers midnight sun and aroung the clock light in exotic summer month and polar night with magical northern lights during the winter. Here your dreams of the giant cod, the big coalfish, the monstrous wolffish or a large halibut comes true.

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