Get to the banks in a quit and quick luxury boat

Kaasbøll boats

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From 2019 we will also rent out Kaasbøll 660SC and 760HT in addition to our Kværnø boats!

The Kaasbøll 660SC is a good looking, fast and stabile 22-footer, and with its delicate and sporty shape cuts nicely through rough sea. It has a deep V-bottom, which provides very good sea characteristics. This is a solid boat for people who want to move quickly out to the banks, even when the weather is a bit shitty.

The Kaasbøll 760HT is a large, powerful and sexy aluminum boat with a hardtop centre-consol. Its modern and sporty design makes it a real beauty, and a proper eye candy even for the picky ones! It has a slim and deep V-bottom that makes this a boat that can withstand rough sea at high speed. With four people you'll have more than enough space. This is a boat for the pickiest ones!

When we visited Kaasbøll Boats factory in October we tested the boats' in 16m/s of wind. We were absolutely amazed by both boats stability, especially considering both of them has a V-bottom. Another thin that was a real lift from our other models, is the sound reduction! Comparing to our other boats, these were close to silent, even in big and narrow waves!

We are really looking forward to getting the boats up to the Island!

Both of our Kaasbøll boats will be equipped with two Garmin echoMAP 92s and the GT51-M transducer. With this rig you will be able to use normal sonar and also both Downwü and Sidewü! With this transducer you can easily sea fish down to 300-400 meters!

They will also be equipped with Zipwake! Zipwake is a dynamic trim-control system, that automatically calculates the weight shift on the boat and compensates for this! What that means in practice, is that the boat will remain correctly angled while driving, making the V-bottom work optimally! The system has a very good and reliable automatic mode, so you don't have to trim it manually!

The engines of the models will be the trusty Yamaha F150DETX. We have had Yamaha on all our boats and have had very few problems during our 16 years. We are confident that this is the engine that is the best for our guests.

Watch a video of the boats here!